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American Kickboxing | Midlothian, VA

American Kickboxing is a martial art that emphasizes striking techniques, including punches, kicks, and knee strikes. It is a discipline that requires speed, agility, and coordination, and can help individuals develop strong reflexes and quick reactions. Regular training in Kickboxing can also improve an individual’s overall fitness, including their cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility.

At Mongrel Martial Arts, we believe that American Kickboxing is a great way to improve your overall fitness, learn valuable self-defense skills, and develop mental focus and discipline. Our experienced instructors provide a supportive and inclusive environment where students of all levels and abilities can learn and grow together. Through regular training, students can improve their technique, build confidence, and reach their fitness goals.

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Josh Martin

Josh Martin, a seasoned martial artist, proudly holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt in American Open Style Karate/Kickboxing and boasts an impressive 28-year journey in the martial arts. His passion for martial arts extends beyond personal achievement—it’s about the people he encounters and the privilege of being part of their training journeys. Josh’s martial arts experience has not only transformed him physically but has also been a catalyst for profound mental growth, shaping him into an exemplary teacher.
While his expertise lies in American Kickboxing, Mongrel Martial Arts and Fitness has broadened Josh’s horizons by introducing him to a diverse array of martial arts disciplines. This exposure has continuously refined his skills as a martial artist and teacher. Mongrel is more than just a gym; it’s a welcoming family that values the exchange of experiences and a collective commitment to improving one’s art. Josh’s presence at Mongrel embodies the essence of martial arts—learning, sharing, and growing together as a community of dedicated practitioners.