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At Mongrel, our roots are based in Fitness. JB started the gym as “Mongrel Fitness” back in 2013. He specialized in Interval Training to prepare people for all forms of exercise and athletic events. Everything from Obstacle Course Races to CrossFit competitions to GoRuck events and beyond, the Coaches at Mongrel Martial Arts have you covered.

We are PASSIONATE about health and fitness. We believe that everyone is capable of reaching their goals with the right direction and determination. Our goal is to teach a love of movement to everyone who comes through our door. Our core principles are founded upon a desire to see others achieve a healthier lifestyle. Our mission is to train athletes to be resilient to life’s demands and thrive in the face of adversity. We provide our clients with the tools necessary to take on the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of any given day.

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One-on-One Coaching / Strength and Conditioning

We offer one-on-one coaching where we are committed to helping people reach their performance goals, get out of pain, and restore proper movement. In this training model, clients are thoroughly evaluated to start. We use the first session to gather the information necessary to develop a comprehensive, individualized training program. Following the assessment, we will facilitate progressive, periodized training that leads to optimal outcomes.

Small Group Individualized Strength and Conditioning

In this training model, clients are thoroughly evaluated to start. We use the first session to gather the information necessary to develop a comprehensive training program. Following the assessment, athletes execute personalized training materials in a group setting. Our client-to-coach ratio is set at a maximum of 5:1 and new clients can expect the first couple of weeks of training with us to be extremely coaching intensive.

Neuromuscular Restoration (The Square 1 System)

Coach Drew is a level 1 & 2 certified Square 1 practitioner. We utilize the principles and methods of this neuromuscular system to optimize the human body. What is Square 1? The Square 1 System is a comprehensive framework designed to address various aspects of human locomotion, with the ultimate goal of reconnecting and upgrading sensory systems, alleviating pain, and enhancing overall human performance. It is a multi-faceted approach that combines principles from various fields, including biomechanics, neuroscience, and sports performance to enhance human movement and functionality.

Remote Programming

We offer templated monthly programming built for those who are looking to train off-site or on their own schedule. This includes 4-week blocks with training phases focused on work capacity, hypertrophy, strength, and explosive power. Athletes will receive 2 strength days, 2 conditioning days, and a regeneration/recovery day.


Coach Drew

Coach Drew graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Science from Liberty University. During his time at Liberty University, Drew worked closely with the Army ROTC Ranger Strength and Conditioning Program, where he played a role in the development of cadet strength and fitness. He participated in research that sought to optimize the accuracy of the US Army Ranger Fitness Test. Since graduating, Drew has served as a strength and conditioning coach at RVA Athletes and now at HCA Virginia Sports Medicine, where he oversees the Tactical Strength and Conditioning program for the Chesterfield County Fire, Sheriff, and Police Departments. He has had the privilege of working with a wide variety of clientele ranging from high school and college athletes to the general population, post-rehab, and tactical athletes.